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Common symptoms of white tissue:- The only common symptom of white discharge is the abnormal white secretion from the vaginal, n there is no specific Pain, burning or any other symptoms. In modern science it is known as Leucorrhoea.


Types of Leucorrhoea:- Generally there are 4 types of Leucorrhoea are

1. Vulvar Leucorrhoea:- Usually found in young age girls.

2. Vaginal Leucorrhoea:- Usually found in young age women’s.

3. Cervical Leucorrhoea(Cervix):- Usually found in pregnant women.

4. Uterine Leucorrhoea (Uterus):- Usually found in pregnant women.


Causes of disease:- Usually the main reason for having leucorrhoea in women is Unbalanced diet and irregular lifestyles. for this reason, the body does not get enough nutrients and this irregularity appears as a physical disorder.
Leuco treat Medicine description:- Luecotreat is made of extremely rare & precious herbs. patients suffering from this disease get results within a few days by taking this with the following precaution. While taking medication, it is mandatory to avoid some following foods as per the instruction.


Abstinence (parhez):- Curd, papad, pickle, sour (raw mango), Pani Puri, sweet.


Tip:- Take the medicine with half cup boiled rice water + 1 teaspoon
honey, take it in a specific ratio.

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