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Body Gainer

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Body Gainer

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Body Gainer is a trade mark, GMP, Halal and ISO Certified product. This is made by precious and rare herbs. Body Gainer is not an ordinary weight gaining product which is use only to increase your body weight. but also Body Gainer works according to its name which improves entire health and develops body capabilities incredibly. As a result form Body Gainer increase your stamina power, energy level, and make immune system and resistance power strong. As well as enhances your Diet. Where your weight also increases. This is completely safe way to increase weight, by nutrition’s gain from your daily diet.


Consuming method: - About 2 to 3 grams of Body Gainer is taken twice in a day (morning and evening) with water around 1 hour after taking the meal. The intake of Body Gainer is strictly prohibited for age group of less than 14 year and for the age group 14 to 18 years only (1-2) gm quantity of product is to be consumed.


Benefits:- Body Gainer have rare and precious herbs which increase immune system and resistance power, due to which get protection from normal seasonal diseases. These changes can be easily observed by consumer within few days. Via this medication Weight can be increased easily up to 5 kg in a month, due to strong eating capacity some people get increase more than 5 kg weight within a month.

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