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Anti Piles Blood Control

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Country Of Origin : India

Medicine for bleeding piles is an Ayurvedic & Natural way to Cure Bleeding Piles. Quantity - 100gm

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Piles or Arsha, as called in Ayurveda,  is defined as a tormenting and painful disease which impacts ‘Pran” or life force like an enemy does.  Anti Piles Blood Control is a time-tested ayurvedic bleeding piles medicine, which is based on the wisdom of ancient ayurvedic texts. Curated of rare and potent herbs, this bleeding piles medicine delivers perfect results in a short span of time and is completely devoid of any side effects. Anti piles blood control is completely safe and natural treatment for secreting blood vessels or bleeding piles.

Piles is a severe digestion related disorder, owing its occurrence to sedentary lifestyle, nutrition deficient food, inadequate sleep, long working hours, and inadequate water consumption. Constant stress is another significant factor contributing to disrupt normal digestive system. These life patterns lead to constipation and excessive pressure on rectum while passing stools, later culminating in Fissures and Haemorrhoids. Bloody Piles occurs due to varicosity in the veins surrounding the anus. It leads to swelling in veins, resulting in bleeding, pain and fissures. The disease causes extreme pain and discomfort, besides hampering normal lifestyle. Anti Piles Blood Control from the labs of Pharma Science is a premium ayurvedic bleeding piles medicine, which is curated of select high quality herbs and is prepared strictly as per the guidance of ancient Ayurveda texts.

It effectively provides relief from burning sensation, itching and severe discomfort. With its maximum strength formula this Ayurvedic Piles Medicine adequately protects irritated inner tissues.

Ingredients: the key ingredients are:

  1. Lal Chandan : Lal Chandan, Raktchandan or Red Sandalwood is a precious Ayurvedic medicine known for its cooling and soothing properties. It also works in treating diarrhoea and bleeding disorders.
  2. Lajjalu : Lajjalu is a vital Ayurvedic herb used to balance Kaf and Pitt related dosh. It is an excellent remedy for bleeding piles. It heals wounds, and its analgesic properties relieves the pain during and post defecation.
  3. Beal Chhal : Beal Chhal or Belgiri is used to combat haemorrhoids, ulcers and internal bleeding. It helps to soften stools and ease the process of defecation.
  4. Lotus Powder: Lotus powder when consumed as medicine, works to prevent excessive bleeding in piles. It has high Kashya or astringent properties which blocks internal bleeding.
  5. Kutaj Powder: It has prominent antimicrobial and astringent properties which aids to combat bleeding piles and dysentery.
  6. Shalmali Powder : This Ayurvedic herb is exceptionally beneficial in curing bleeding disorders, dysentery, healing wounds and treating chronic inflammation.

How to Consume :

For effective relief consume 2 to 3 grams of this Ayurvedic piles medicine with a glass of diluted or skimmed milk  twice a day, 1 hour after both the meals. To achieve quick and satisfactory relief from bleeding it is mandatory to consume the medicine daily as suggested.

Anti Piles Blood Control is an exclusive ayurvedic bleeding piles medicine, which is a rare combination of potent Ayurvedic Herbs. Proper consumption of the medicine ensures quick and long-term relief from burning sensation, itching, external discomfort, bleeding and most importantly excruciating pain. It eases stools, strengthens inner sensitive tissues and makes the process of defecation comfortable and painless. This bleeding piles medicine from Pharma science is 100% Natural, Ayush, Halal and GMP certified and is perfectly safe to use. Take a step and win over the pain of piles with Anti Piles Blood Control.

Precautions: Avoid eating brinjal, urad, spices, pickles and papad during the period of treatment.  Consumption of whey ( Mathha) should be increased as it would ease the digestion process.

Are bleeding piles serious?

Piles that cause excessive bleeding can cause anemia in the long run, hence it is best to get them treated as soon as possible. Apart from the long term effect, bleeding piles can also be a cause of extreme discomfort and even embarrassment. Hence if you get blood in your stool often then it is a advisable to take Anti-Piles blood control which will solve the problem in a short time.

What is the cause of bleeding piles?

The veins around the anus tend to stretch due to pressure and can also bulge and swell. Hence if you have chronic diarrhea or constipation then the hemorrhoids can swell and start bleeding. The bleeding is caused due to the rupturing of the hemorrhoids due to pressure.

How long should a hemorrhoid bleed?

The bleeding of hemorrhoids in the anus can persist from few seconds to few minutes. However, you should be alarmed if the bleeding lasts for more than 10 minutes. It is best to opt for Anti-piles blood control immediately as soon as you notice blood in your stools or bleeding from the anus.

How can I stop my piles from bleeding?

Eating a high fiber and high liquid diet is excellent for people suffering from piles. At the same time, there are some excellent Ayurveda herbs and minerals in Anti-Piles long relief which will help you to completely get rid of piles and the bleeding associated with it.


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